Terms and Conditions

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1.1 Selling accounts exclusively in one hand;
1.2 replacement of non working accounts if the accounts became non working due to the store’s Fault; (invalid password; checkpoint; identification);
1.3 Refund if the store cannot provide a replacement;
1.4 Disclaimer of any warranties in case of violation of rule 3 and its sub-clauses;
1.5 Disclaimer of any warranties if the buyer performed undesirable actions after logging in to the account (changing the password, changing the name, changing the gender, changing the account security settings less than 24 hours after the first login);
1.6 Disclaimer of any warranties if the buyer contacted support later than the account’s warranty period.

Requirements for purchasing accounts:

2.1 the buyer must read the rules of the service. Unwillingness to do this is not a reason for replacement or refund;
2.2 when paying for the product, the buyer confirms that they are familiar with the rules of the service;
2.3 the buyer should read the recommendations for working with the product;
2.4 the Buyer must purchase only those types of goods that meet their needs. Goods purchased by mistake are not exchanged for others and are not refunded;
2.5 after the purchase, the buyer is responsible for the credentials of their accounts.

Account usage requirements:

3.1 Be sure to use verified private or mobile proxies;
3.2 it is forbidden to use any VPN services to work with accounts.
3.3 it is forbidden to use public proxies and ipv6 proxies for working/checking accounts;
3.4 it is forbidden to use private proxies to work on several accounts at once (after logging in from one IP address to two or more accounts, the IP address ceases to be private);
3.5 It is forbidden to work with more than one account without changing the device fingerprint (User-agent, viewport size, browser cache, cookies) or the device itself;
3.6 It is forbidden to work with accounts using virtual machines, emulators, vps and vds servers;
3.7 it is forbidden to use the Ip address of your own computer (also known as your local or home address) to work with accounts.

Support requirements:

4.1 Please indicate in the message full information about the problem account (username, password, 2FA) and the exact description of the problem with screenshots.

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