The advertising landscape has changed drastically with the emergence of social media, especially Facebook. Traditional media no longer holds the same prominent position. Facebook is in the spotlight for advertising and gaining brand awareness. In this article, we will tell you why advertising on Facebook is the talk of the town by glancing at some great promotional and marketing benefits of the social media platform.

Whether you run an ecommerce website for your brick-and-mortar entity or a home-based business that you want the world to know about – Facebook is one of the most valuable and powerful tools to help you spread the word.

The days when only a few brands could afford advertising are long gone. Thanks to advances in technology and the growing popularity of social media platforms, even the most small-scale businesses can now afford to advertise their products and services online. 

But these benefits are just the preview of what a great Facebook advertising campaign can do for your business. In the below guide, let’s discuss some more!

1. Anybody can Advertise on Facebook

The most significant advantage of using Facebook for promotion is that the platform is open to everyone. Regardless of your company size, goal, and budget, the network allows one and all to advertise their work on its platform. 

And best of all – advertising on Facebook is very easy! Anyone with even limited technical knowledge can effortlessly create a Facebook page and promote their brand. Through the page, you can boost different posts to drive more engagement. 

The social media network also has a built-in ad manager. The feature helps create a more defined advertising strategy tailored to your unique business goals. 

2. Opportunity to Connect with a Huge and Diverse Audience

Facebook, undoubtedly, has one of the largest user bases!

With more than 2.8 billion monthly active users on its platform, Facebook can serve as the center stage of your marketing drive. No matter who the customers are, they are likely to use Facebook and check up on the platform multiple times a day. 

With a captivating Facebook ad and accurate targeting, there is a good possibility that you won’t have to advertise your business elsewhere. 

3. Micro-Target the Right Audiences

It is no longer considered good practice to bombard everyone with sales collateral. Just imagine how you would react if a brand spams you with unlimited promotional material through email and direct messages. Similarly, this would irritate ‘your’ recipients and send the marketing efforts down the drain.

However, with Facebook, you can target the right audience – people who are actually interested in buying your product or service. 

The social media platform boasts a massive database. It stores detailed information about each user, including basic data about gender or age and more detailed demographics like shopping interests or geographical proximity. 

So, instead of showing your ads to everyone, you can use these information analytics to micro-target the right people. 

For instance, you can set up your Facebook ads to appear only to those who have recently purchased a product similar to what your business is offering. 

What’s more: Facebook ensures that your valuable ads are not shown to people who are not profitable to your business. This involves users who are not likely to engage with your brand effectively and the users or accounts you have put on the blocklist. 

And this is not just limited to personal accounts. You can also prevent your ads from appearing on certain videos or specific pages, etc.

While showing your ads to the right people is essential, bypassing those who are not profitable to your trade is also crucial to an effective advertising strategy.

4. Set up Ads to Reach your Unique Business Goals

Another great benefit of Facebook advertising is that it considers the uniqueness of your business’s nature and goals. For example, a strictly online apparel store will have different goals set up for them as compared to a brick-and-mortar clothing shop with an online website.

Facebook allows you to define your marketing objectives that best serve your business goals. This ensures that you are not advertising your brand just for the sake but rather doing it smartly. It also helps keep track of your goals and determines whether you succeed in achieving them.

Some of the primary advertising objectives that Facebook offers are:

5. Decide your own Budget

While traditional advertising mediums can be costly, Facebook advertising is relatively affordable and does not cost much. When you choose your ad’s objectives, you can set up a budget according to your business requirements. 

Generally, an ad on Facebook costs somewhere between $1 to $5 per day. But, you can be more in control of your budget on the social media channel as it gives you the power to pause the ad or lower the budget as your business circumstances may vary from time to time. 

You can also put a spending limit on the money you invest in the ads to stay within your budget. By doing so, you can be confident that the ads don’t dictate your finances and keep you in authority even after the campaign has been initiated. 

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